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Museo di Arte Sacra Peregrinatio Fidei.jpg

Museo di Arte Sacra Peregrinatio Fidei

Umberto Oppus - Mandas

Presented by Umberto Oppus
Mayor of Mandas

The museum exhibition, which includes a vast and precious collection of objects belonging to sacred art - from the stupendous polychrome statues to the precious silvers, such as those of the famous Genoese silversmith Montaldo, who also worked on behalf of the Cathedrals of Cagliari and Iglesias - it attracts many visitors every year..

preservation of a series of seventeenth-century and eighteenth-century polychrome statues as well as silver and sacred objects from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century that constitute the treasure of the Parish Church of San Giacomo and of the small rural churches of the Mandara area.

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